Top Invisible Mini Cameras For The Bathrooms

This article reviews the top-rated invisible mini cameras perfect for monitoring bathrooms. We compared tiny spy cams across leading brands like Kimire, Aoboco, and Titathink for key factors like video quality, battery life, night vision, and app control.

Read on for our picks of the best hidden mini cameras seamlessly blending into your bathrooms. We’ll also provide pro tips on optimal camera placement and using motion detection alerts to catch any suspicious activity. 

Fun&H Dice Mini Spy Camera, 1080P Portable Wireless Nanny Cam

The Fun&H Dice Mini Spy Camera is a compact, portable, wireless device for covert surveillance. It boasts a 1080P resolution, ensuring high-quality video capture. The camera’s small size allows it to be placed in various locations such as homes, offices, warehouses, stores, backyards, gardens, or even pockets. It can also function as a car camcorder or an aerial action camera.

One of the key features of this spy camera is its motion detection capability. This feature enables the camera to start recording automatically upon detecting any movement. Additionally, the camera has a night vision feature, enhanced by four IR LED lights, which ensures a clear display in low-light conditions.

The camera records videos in AVI format with M-JPEG coding at a frame rate of 30fps. It also captures images in JPG format with a resolution of 12M (4032*3024). The device is powered by a high-capacity polymer lithium battery with a capacity of 170mAh, providing approximately 60 minutes of working time.

The camera supports storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB, and a 16GB TF card is included in the package. The package also contains an instruction manual, a USB cable, and a lanyard. However, some users have reported difficulties in removing the memory card and issues with the lanyard hole.

Despite its many features, it’s important to note that this camera is not Wi-Fi enabled. Furthermore, some users have reported low-quality performance when inserting the memory card. Despite these drawbacks, the Fun&H Dice Mini Spy Camera remains a versatile tool for various surveillance needs.

Small Wireless WiFi Camera Hidden Spy Security Cameras

The Small Wireless WiFi Camera Hidden Spy Security Camera, also known as the Mini Nanny Cam Smart Home, Pet Dog Camera Indoor Outdoor Baby Camera 1080P Remote Portable, Phone APP Room Camera, is a compact and portable security device designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This camera, launched in 2021, has advanced features such as upgraded night vision, enhanced motion detection technology, and continuous video recording.

One of the key features of this camera is its upgraded night vision capability, which uses advanced IR LED lamps and offers a night vision distance of up to 26 feet. This lets users see what’s happening in low light or total darkness. The camera also has an enhanced motion detection feature that sends alarm notifications with images to your phone once motion is detected.

The camera supports WiFi connectivity, allowing users to view real-time information worldwide through their mobile phones. It also comes with a 128GB TF card for loop video recording, and the recorded files can be checked on the app or PC. The camera can be shared with multiple users, making it safer and more convenient.

Despite its small size, the camera captures 1080P real-time footage and meets all your security needs in multiple locations. It does not have a built-in battery and needs to be connected to a mobile power supply or USB socket for remote monitoring. When the memory card is full, the newest file will overwrite the oldest one, ensuring continuous recording.

However, some users have reported issues with the micro SD card slot and maintaining a connection to the camera. There are also complaints about the app playback functionality, which does not allow time to scroll through the video. Despite these issues, the camera does offer motion detection and takes photos and videos.

The package includes the camera, a USB cable, and a user manual. The camera is easy to set up and use and can be placed on a table, shelf, or taped to the ceiling or other locations. It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

Wireless Camera Mini Hidden Spy Camera Portable Small Nanny Cam 

The Wireless Camera Mini Hidden Spy Camera Portable Small Nanny Cam is a compact and versatile surveillance device designed by Shaopao. This camera is equipped with a 1080P HD camera that provides clear and crisp videos, easily capturing even the smallest details. It has a wide viewing angle of 140°, allowing for a comprehensive view of the surroundings.

One of the standout features of this spy camera is its night vision function. It comes with six integrated infrared LED lights that enable it to capture images and videos in the dark. This makes it ideal for round-the-clock surveillance at home or in the office.

The camera also includes a motion detection sensor, which can automatically start recording when any movement is detected. This feature enhances its efficiency by only recording when necessary, saving storage space on the micro SD card, which can be extended up to 64GB.

The device is powered by a 200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can work for up to 60 minutes. However, the camera can also record while charging, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance. The package includes a USB charging cable, a fastening clip, and stents for easy installation.

This mini spy camera is portable and flexible in terms of installation. It can be trimmed or wall-mounted, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Despite its small size, comparable to a coin, it offers powerful functionality, making it a reliable and discreet surveillance tool.

Please note that when the battery is low, or the TF card is full, the device will automatically save the recorded files and power off. Also, the device may shut down automatically if it doesn’t detect any working mode within a minute of starting with the card.

Hidden camera Detectors, LED Hidden Device Detector

The Hidden Camera Detectors LED Hidden Device Detector is a compact, portable device to enhance personal security. It is equipped with infrared viewfinders and can locate hidden cameras, making it an ideal tool for ensuring privacy in various settings such as hotels, Airbnb, and bathrooms.

This pocket-sized detector is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a perfect travel companion. It can detect wireless and wired cameras, regardless of whether they are operational. The device uses professional infrared scanning detection technology to locate stealth-shooting equipment like pinhole cameras accurately.

In addition to its camera detection capabilities, the device also features a displacement alarm function. This function can be activated, and the device can be placed on luggage or other items in high-traffic areas like airports, stations, and restaurants to prevent theft or loss.

The device is made from durable ABS plastic and has a battery capacity of 200mA. It requires two hours of USB charging. Its dimensions are 84x39x15.2MM, making it small enough to fit in a handbag, purse, pocket, or suitcase.

The detector operates by exploiting the phenomenon of light reflection. It uses a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room through the viewing port, any hidden camera in the field of view will reflect the light from the LEDs, appearing as a bright pin-prick of light.

The Hidden Camera Detectors LED Hidden Device Detector is priced at $16.99 and is compatible with smartphones. It is recommended for indoor use and is suitable for anyone serious about finding hidden cameras. However, it’s important to note that the device must directly hit the camera during testing to reflect light to the user.

Secret Camera Spy Camera WiFi Home Security Camera Mini Hidden Camera

The Secret Camera Spy Camera WiFi Home Security Camera Mini Hidden Camera is a product offered by X W EI UNION, designed for indoor use and ideal for indoor security, pet monitoring, and spying. This mini hidden camera provides live feed and video recording capabilities, with features like motion detection and night vision. It can be controlled via a phone app, making it suitable for a nanny cam, pet camera, or car camera.

The camera supports 2.4G Band WiFi router or Dual Band WiFi Router. However, it’s important to note that the camera does not have a Micro SD card, which is required for video recording. Live feeds can be viewed without an SD card. The camera also has audio capabilities, allowing remote viewing with sound. Additionally, the camera can be shared with other family members.

The camera is small and easy to install anywhere, and its angle can be adjusted as needed. However, some customers have reported issues with the camera’s functionality. Some complaints include short battery life when off the charger, poor quality, and difficulty understanding the instructions due to their small size. Other users have reported problems with the camera’s signal strength, stating that it only works well a few feet away and not through walls.

The product is priced at $19.99, down from a list price of $33.00. However, it’s important to note that this item may not be shipped to certain locations, and international customers may require an adapter or converter due to differences in outlets and voltage.

New 100% 925 Silver Necklace Women’s Solid Silver Clavicle Chain

The Dankadi 925 Sterling Silver Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry designed for women. Its solid silver chain is designed to rest on the clavicle, making it an ideal accessory for any outfit. The necklace is made from pure 100% 925 sterling silver, which is hypoallergenic and perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.

The necklace’s standout feature is its camera-shaped pendant, adorned with a transparent zircon. This pendant adds a touch of personality to the necklace, making it a distinctive piece in any jewelry collection. The pendant measures 9.5MM*11.5MM, and the entire necklace weighs 3.1g. The necklace is 18 inches long (40+5CM), and secured with a lobster clasp buckle for safety.

This sterling silver necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but an investment that will last a lifetime. It offers a premier way to enhance your look without compromising your finances. Its classic Italian style adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look, whether paired with casual jeans and a T-shirt or a dress.

The Dankadi 925 Sterling Silver Necklace also makes a perfect gift. It comes in an elegant gift box, ready for gifting on birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, graduations, or any other special occasion. The manufacturer guarantees complete satisfaction and offers assistance in case of any issues with the product. However, as of the article date on August 10th, 2020, it is unclear when or if this item will be back in stock.

NC Spy Camera WiFi, Hidden Cameras

The NC Spy Camera WiFi is a hidden camera designed for indoor use, primarily for spying. This mini nanny cam offers a live video feed and serves as a small security camera for indoor surveillance. The tiny camera makes hiding and placing anywhere in the room easy. It boasts unique features such as Super IR Night Vision and Motion Detection Alerts, enhancing its functionality as a secret surveillance tool.

The camera is wireless, offering ease of installation and flexibility in positioning. It is sold by various vendors, including Amazon Warehouse and MEIBOQI, with prices ranging from $18.76 to $44.79. However, at times, the product may be unavailable.

Despite its impressive features, the camera has received mixed reviews from customers. Some users have praised its compact size and functionality, stating that it can be placed anywhere. However, others have reported issues with the WiFi mode not working and difficulty connecting the device. There were also complaints about an LED flash that constantly flashes blue, which could potentially give away its location.

It’s important to note that this product is designed for use in the US, and international customers may require an adapter or converter due to differences in outlets and voltage.

Compared to similar products like the Buloge 32GB Spy Camera and the MITUUT Spy Camera, the NC Spy Camera WiFi stands out for its Super IR Night Vision and Motion Detection Alerts. However, potential buyers should consider the mixed customer reviews before purchasing.

Wireless Security WiFi Camera Mini Hidden Spy Small IP Cameras

The Wireless Security WiFi Camera Mini Hidden Spy Small IP Camera is a compact and portable surveillance device for various uses such as nanny cam, home security, baby monitoring, and more. Manufactured by HowKow, this mini camera offers wireless connectivity and special features like portability, night vision, and motion sensors. It is primarily intended for indoor use.

One of the key features of this mini spy camera is its ability to provide real-time footage through a WiFi connection. Multiple users can watch live video anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for monitoring different locations simultaneously. Thanks to its base, the camera can be conveniently placed on a table or shelf or attached to the ceiling.

The camera boasts a 160° wide-angle lens, capturing more scenes than typical cameras. This makes it an excellent choice for comprehensive surveillance and security purposes. Additionally, it automatically switches to night vision in low-light conditions, using invisible infrared LEDs to illuminate objects and provide high-quality nighttime video surveillance footage without attracting attention.

The camera utilizes a 2.0MP image sensor to capture true full HD video at 1920 x 1080P resolution. It also supports direct working with a card and has a built-in battery. Users are reminded to keep their phones connected to WiFi before connecting to the camera. Resetting the camera is advised if the hotspot cannot be found in the wireless LAN.

The device also supports AP contacts and SD card insertion. When WiFi is not connected or viewing is not required, the camera automatically stores the information in the inserted SD card. The camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can work for about 3 hours outdoors when fully charged. It supports up to 128G TF card for 24-hour loop working and has a built-in hotspot for live video work/play without a Wi-Fi connection/TF card.

Regarding user feedback, the product has been praised for its performance relative to its price. However, it’s important to note that the SD card is sold separately.

32GB Hidden Camera Clothes Hook

The 32GB Hidden Camera Clothes Hook by Yumfond is a discreet surveillance device designed for home, office, or pet monitoring. The camera is cleverly concealed within the design of a regular coat hook, making it unnoticeable and ideal for covert operations. It does not require WiFi and has a 32GB micro SD card for storage.

The camera boasts a high-definition resolution of 1920*1080 at 30 frames per second, ensuring clear and detailed footage. It has an auto-recycling recording capability, which means it only records video and automatically overwrites the oldest files when the memory is full. This feature ensures that there is always enough space to store the latest video files.

The device is easy to install and can be affixed to the wall using double-sided tape or screws, with the capacity to hold up to 5.5lb and 10lb, respectively. It also includes a motion sensor feature that starts recording when movement is detected and stops when no motion is observed, saving unnecessary footage and battery life.

When fully charged, the hidden camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can work for about 120 minutes. It can also record while assessing, providing continuous surveillance if needed. When the power is low or the memory is full, the camera’s red and blue lights flash for 5 seconds before it saves the file and automatically shuts down.

The package includes the hidden camera coat hook, a cable, strong double-sided tape, screws, a fixed plate, a user manual, and a 32GB micro SD card. The product offers free returns and comes with 18-month worry-free technical support. However, some users have reported issues with the motion-sensing feature, stating that it doesn’t restart once it stops after detecting motion. Despite this, many users praise the product for its value for money and responsive customer service.