Top 10 Costco Storage Bins

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 16 Qt/4 Gal, Pack of 6 Stackable Plastic Storage Containers

The Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 16 Qt/4 Gal Pack of 6 Stackable Plastic Storage Containers is an optimal storage solution that is both durable and convenient. Crafted with clear, high-density polyethylene plastic, these containers boast a stackable design to maximize storage space, allowing easy visibility of the contents. At the same time, their large capacity -16-quart/4-gallon – makes them perfect for holding various items in any closet, garage or basement without taking up too much room.

mupera Clear Shoe Storage Box 

Need a practical way to keep your shoes tidy? Look no further than the Mupera Clear Shoe Storage Box! Made of clear, hard-wearing plastic and an easy-to-remove lid for accessibility, these boxes are sure to make organizing a breeze. Plus, their stackable design allows you to save space by stacking multiple boxes on top of one another. With 10 storage containers in each pack, you can store up to 10 pairs of your favorite footwear.

Greenmade Professional Storage Ultra Durable 27 Gallon Plastic Storage Tote Bin 

The Greenmade Professional Storage Ultra Durable 27 Gallon Plastic Bin is the perfect way to store and organize your bulky items. Constructed with high-density polyethylene plastic, these storage bins are designed for long-lasting use and durability. With a generous capacity of 27 gallons, it’s great for housing tools, equipment, or seasonal decorations! Plus, its stackable feature ensures maximum space utilization while keeping everything neat.

IRIS USA SIA Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Container 

For a reliable and enduring storage experience, the IRIS USA SIA Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Container is your ideal solution. This heavy-duty plastic bin will endure daily wear and tear and provide extended service for years to come. With its ample capacity, you can easily store large items such as tools, equipment or seasonal decorations! Furthermore, the stackability of these bins grants flexibility when organizing your space while maximizing available room in the process.

Cosco Outdoor Living 88180BTN1E Cosco Outdoor Patio

Perfect for any outdoor space, the Cosco Outdoor Living 88180BTN1E Patio Set is an exquisite and highly functional furniture set that includes a table and four stackable chairs. Crafted from hard-wearing weatherproof materials, this chic set features a contemporary design to enhance your backyard or patio’s décor. With its sizeable tabletop accommodating up to four people at once, you can easily entertain guests while enjoying al fresco meals. Plus, stack the chairs away for convenience when they’re not in use.

IRIS USA 32 Qt. Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container 

Easily organize your home or workspace with the help of this handy storage bin tote from IRIS USA. Featuring a generous 32 Qt capacity and durable plastic construction, it is perfect for storing toys, clothes, tools, and other essentials – all while keeping dust at bay thanks to its snap-tight lid! Furthermore, you can easily identify stored items through the see-through base, allowing visibility into the container’s contents. Not only that, but it is also stackable, which makes transportation much easier than ever before, making this versatile storage bin ideal for any space in need of tidying up – be it your basement or office.

Cosco Outdoor LIving BoxGuard®, Large Lockable Package Delivery and Storage Box

Protect your belongings from theft and damage with the Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard®. Built to be robust, weather-resistant and secure, this large capacity box is ideal for stowing away packages in any setting. The lockable compartment ensures security against pilfering or unsavory elements while keeping its contents safe from inclement weather. Whether it’s multiple parcels or larger items you need to safeguard – the BoxGuard® delivers a reliable solution.

IRIS USA 27 Gallon Large Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Organizing Container

The IRIS USA 27 Gallon Large Heavy-Duty Storage Plastic Bin Tote Organizing Container is the ideal solution for all your organizational needs. Generously sized with up to 27 gallons, this heavy-duty storage bin can hold everything from tools and equipment to seasonal decorations. The robust plastic construction ensures durability throughout years of use, while its stackable design offers maximum space efficiency in any room or closet. Keep bulky items neatly stored away with this reliable organizing container.

CX BLACK & YELLOW 27-Gallon Tough Storage Containers

If you’re searching for a heavy-duty storage container that can last, we highly recommend the CX BLACK & YELLOW 27-Gallon Tough Storage Container. The impact-resistant plastic construction ensures long-term durability, while its generous size of 27 gallons provides ample room to store hefty items like tools and seasonal decorations. Plus, it’s stackable, so you’ll have no trouble finding enough space in your home or garage.

Greenmade Green Made Extra Strong 27 Gallon, 4 Pack Black and Yellow Plastic Storage Bin 

Get organized with the Greenmade Extra Strong 27 Gallon Plastic Storage Bins! Crafted from heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene plastic that can withstand daily use and remain long-lasting. Each bin features a generous capacity of 27 gallons – perfect for large or bulky items like tools, equipment and seasonal decorations. This 4-pack is stackable, so you’ll have no problem maximizing your storage space while keeping everything neatly arranged. Get ready to get (and stay) organized.