Top 05 Football Flak Jackets

Xenith Football Core Guard, Rib and Lower Back Protection

The Xenith Football Core Guard provides an extra layer of security for football players, safeguarding the body’s core area – from rib cage to lower back – against physical trauma. This protective equipment is created using a blend of hard plastic and foam padding that disburses damaging forces, with simple straps or Velcro to attach it firmly on top of your pants. Invest in the ultimate protection for yourself today.

Douglas 4″ Rib Combo

Have your football player feeling secure and rest assured with the Douglas 4″ Rib Combo. This protective gear is specifically designed to safeguard vital organs in the body’s core area, offering a hard plastic shell that provides superior defense and foam padding for absorbing impact energy. The rib combo can be worn beneath shoulder pads via straps or Velcro on top of pants, ensuring they remain comfortable while having complete mobility during games and practices.

Schutt Youth Football Rib Protector

The Schutt Youth Football Rib Protector is specifically designed to provide extra protection for the ribs of young football players. Made of lightweight and breathable materials, it fits snugly under any jersey, allowing them to feel secure in their movements while preventing injuries to their rib cage. Created with a unique design that curves along your body shape for comfort, this piece of equipment also features adjustable straps, which can be customized according to size and preference.

DGXINJUN Youth Kids Boys Padded Compression Shirt 

The DGXINJUN Youth Kids Boys Padded Compression Shirt is specially tailored to protect young athletes, combining spandex and polyester for the highest level of protection. Not only does it feature built-in padding in vulnerable areas like the chest, back and shoulder – but its compression fit also offers extra support to your muscles while improving blood circulation so you can reach maximum potential during any activity such as football, basketball, baseball or soccer.

TUOY Men’s Padded Compression Shirt

The TUOY Men’s Padded Compression Shirt is constructed with a combination of spandex and polyester to provide optimal protection for athletes participating in high-impact sports like football, basketball, baseball and soccer. This protective gear features integrated padding that guards the chest, back and shoulders. At the same time, its compression fit facilitates improved circulation and maximizes muscle support so you can reach peak performance levels every time.