The Best Milwaukee Pressure Washers for Powerful Cleaning in 2023

Looking for a powerful pressure washer that can blast away the toughest dirt and grime? Milwaukee pressure washers deliver robust cleaning performance and the brand’s signature durability and innovation.

This guide will review the top 10 Milwaukee pressure washer models based on cleaning power, performance, features, durability, and value. We compared gas and electric pressure washers, including the Milwaukee M18 Fuel, Heavy Duty, and Performance series, to find the best options for home use, auto detailing, deck cleaning, and more.

We evaluated PSI, GPM, engine/motor, attachments, portability, and genuine customer reviews. Whether you need a compact electric washer for small jobs or a rugged gas model for heavy-duty cleaning, Milwaukee has a pressure washer up for the task.

You’ll know which Milwaukee pressure washer can handle your toughest cleaning jobs by the end. Let’s explore the top Milwaukee pressure washers to find the right fit for blasting away dirt, oil, mud and more!

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric High Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is a 14.5-Amp Electric High-Pressure Washer designed to tackle various cleaning tasks. It can clean cars, fences, patios, homes, buildings, RVs, boats, decks, driveways, and lawn equipment. The washer has a powerful 14.5-amp/1800-watt motor that generates up to 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM of water flow.

The product features five quick-connect spray tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap) that can be interchanged to suit different cleaning needs. It also has two 0.9 L onboard removable tanks for carrying and storing different types of detergent, allowing it to tackle various cleaning projects simultaneously.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is known for its power and performance, with the ability to remove tar and grease from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, rust from steel, caked mud on equipment, and other stubborn gunk and grime. It also features a 34-inch extension spray wand for reaching hard-to-reach areas, rear wheels for easy portability, and a Total Stop System (TSS) trigger that automatically shuts off the pump when not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

However, some users have reported issues with the soap application, stating that it sometimes feels watered and struggles to provide a deep clean. There have also been reports of the nozzle connector rusting and snapping off after prolonged use. Despite these issues, the manufacturer offers a full two-year warranty and is responsive in addressing customer concerns.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is priced at $149.00, with additional shipping and import fees bringing the total cost to $419.59. Despite minor drawbacks, this pressure washer is generally well-regarded for its power, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot is a gas pressure washer that delivers a powerful 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to perform heavy-duty cleaning tasks. A reliable Honda GC190 engine powers it and features a maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump. The unit is designed for maximum performance with minimal effort, making it perfect for cleaning decks, patios, house siding, outdoor furniture and preparing home exteriors for painting.

The MegaShot is lightweight and compact, allowing for easy transportation by a single person. It has a 25-ft kink, abrasion-resistant MorFlex hose, an ergonomic spray gun, and five stainless steel Quick-connect nozzles. The unit also includes a 16-inch steel wand/lance and 10-inch premium pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability across various terrains.

The MegaShot’s frame is constructed from welded steel, ensuring durability and longevity. It also features convenient hose storage to ensure the durability of the hose. A 2-year limited Honda consumer engine warranty, a 1-year limited pump warranty, a 5-year limited frame warranty, and a 90-day accessory warranty back the unit.

Customers have praised MegaShot’s ease of assembly and use and impressive cleaning power. Some users have noted that the unit’s design allows easy access to the pump and engine for maintenance and repairs. Despite some reports of customer service issues, many customers have had positive experiences with the company’s support team. Overall, the SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer is a high-quality, high-performance tool for residential cleaning.

Karcher K1700 1700 PSI TruPressure Electric Power Pressure Washer

The Kärcher K1700 is a high-performance electric power pressure washer that delivers 1700 PSI of TruPressure, with a maximum PSI of 2125. It is designed for various cleaning tasks, including cars, siding, driveways, and fencing. The unit has three spray nozzles, including a turbo nozzle for intense cleaning, and operates at a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute.

The K1700 is praised for its ease of use and high cleaning performance. It features a unique on/off foot switch, a large half-gallon removable detergent tank, and a handy storage bin. The unit is also equipped with metal pressure washer hose connections, oversized no-flat wheels, and an integrated aluminum frame, making it highly durable.

One of the standout features of the K1700 is its compatibility with industry-standard M22 threads and 1/4” quick disconnects on the hose and spray gun. This allows users to purchase any brand of hose, gun, attachments, nozzles, swivels, quick disconnects, etc., providing flexibility in expanding their setup.

Despite its robust performance, the K1700 is lightweight, weighing under 20 lbs, and easy to maneuver. It can be assembled without tools in five minutes or less, making it user-friendly. The unit is backed by a three-year limited warranty, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

However, it’s worth noting that the K1700 may not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as cleaning decks and driveways due to its PSI rating. For such tasks, a higher PSI machine may be more appropriate. Additionally, while the unit has a built-in soap dispenser, some users prefer using a foam cannon or other foamers and sprayers to apply cleaning products.

Overall, the Kärcher K1700 offers a balance of power, convenience, and versatility, making it a reliable choice for typical outdoor cleaning jobs.

Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Pressure WasherWestinghouse WPX3200 Gas Pressure Washer

The Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Pressure Washer is a robust and efficient cleaning tool for heavy-duty tasks. It operates at 3200 PSI and has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). The washer is powered by a 212cc 4-Stroke Westinghouse OHV Horizontal Shaft Engine, which ensures reliable performance and longevity.

The WPX3200 has an onboard soap tank, a spray gun and wand, and five nozzles, making it versatile for various cleaning tasks. It is suitable for cleaning cars, fences, driveways, homes, patios, and furniture. The washer is also CARB compliant, ensuring it meets environmental standards.

The washer’s construction features a tough steel frame and 12-inch high-profile, never-flat wheels, which provide easy transportation and maneuverability. It also includes engine oil, tools, and a quick start guide to help users get started quickly.

The WPX3200 has been functionally tested in the factory and may contain minimal residual oil or fuel odor. It is backed by a 3-year limited service, labor, and parts coverage, with a nationwide customer service and support network.

Users have praised the WPX3200 for its reliable performance and versatility. They have noted that it starts smoothly, usually within four pulls if it hasn’t been run for a while, and almost always starts on the first pull if it needs to be restarted midway through a task. The washer’s power and range of nozzles make it practical for various cleaning tasks, from removing grime from cars to deep-cleaning decks, sidewalks, siding, fences, railings, garage floors, exterior walls, and patio furniture.

However, some users have reported minor issues, such as needing to troubleshoot the machine when it ran out of oil or when there was inconsistent water output. Despite these minor setbacks, the overall consensus among users is that the WPX3200 is a reliable, robust, and well-rounded pressure washer.

WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot 2X20V Portable Power Cleaner

The WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot 2X20V Portable Power Cleaner is a versatile and portable pressure washer that offers a range of flexible use options. It is particularly suitable for those who require a compact, mobile solution for cleaning tasks such as washing garage floors, porches, windows, and vehicles. The product’s maximum pressure output is 450PSI, which, while not the most powerful on the market, is sufficient for many everyday cleaning tasks.

One of the critical features of this product is its portability. It can be used anywhere, making it an ideal choice for those living in an RV or boat life where space and power sources may be limited. The water source for this pressure washer can be from anywhere, even a bucket, eliminating the risk of the waterline freezing in colder climates.

The battery life of the WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot allows for about 20-30 minutes of continuous use at maximum pressure. The manufacturer documents the charge time. Purchasing additional batteries for extended use is recommended, mainly if you already use other Worx products that use the same battery system.

This product’s value is contingent upon your need for portability and your investment in Worx’s PowerShare platform. If you don’t require portability and are open to using different brands and battery systems, this factor should be considered in your purchasing decision. The WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot offers a unique blend of portability, flexibility, and performance, making it a valuable tool for various cleaning tasks.

WORX 20V Cordless Pressure Washer WG625.4 Portable Power Hydroshot Cleaner Suitable for Car Washing 

The WORX 20V Cordless Pressure Washer WG625.4 Portable Power Hydroshot Cleaner is a versatile, portable cleaning tool for various applications. Weighing only 3.7 lbs with the battery attached, this lightweight and compact power washer is easy to carry around and use in different locations. It can draw water from any fresh source, making it ideal for use around docks or pools.

This power washer has a self-priming function that allows it to draw water from various sources like a pool, lake, or bucket. This feature enhances portability and makes it more convenient than traditional pressure washers. The package includes a variety of accessories such as a 20V 2.0 Ah battery, charger, soap bottle, 6m hose, bottle cap, 5-in-1 nozzle, quick connect adapter, long lance, rotary cleaning brush, and a rotary brush for vehicles.

The WORX PowerShare Battery that powers this washer is compatible with all WORX 20V and 40V tools, outdoor power, and lifestyle products. This expandable power feature allows users to interchange batteries among different devices, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

The power cleaner is equipped with a 5-in-1 nozzle that offers multiple spray patterns from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and watering. These options cater to different functions and applications, allowing users to switch nozzles based on the conditions of use. With a rated pressure of 320 PSI, this power washer is up to five times stronger than ordinary garden nozzles with sprayers, making it suitable for daily car, bike, and window cleaning.

Despite its powerful performance, some users have noted that the power cleaner’s performance can be underwhelming when dealing with heavy-duty tasks. For instance, it may struggle with removing caked-on mud or hard grime. However, its portability and ability to draw water from any source make it a valuable tool for areas without access to a water spigot.

The WORX 20V Cordless Pressure Washer WG625.4 Portable Power Hydroshot Cleaner is $169.99. Despite minor drawbacks, it offers a unique blend of portability, versatility, and power, making it a worthwhile investment for those needing a convenient and efficient cleaning solution.

Mrliance Pressure Washer 2x40V Batteries Cordless Power Washer

The Mreliance Pressure Washer 2x40V Batteries Cordless Power Washer M5233 is a versatile and portable cleaning solution. This upgraded product version is designed for various cleaning tasks at home and in the garden. It can efficiently water plants and clean surfaces such as walls, floors, baths, pools, doors, driveways, fences, and even hard-to-reach corners.

The pressure washer is cordless and powered by two 40V batteries, which are included with the product and a charger. The charging time for the batteries is approximately three hours. The device has a maximum water inlet pressure of 101.5 PSI and can suction water up to a height of 1.2 meters. Despite its powerful performance, the washer is lightweight, weighing only about 2.6 kg, making it easy to carry around.

The MR-XK005233 40V Cordless pressure washer has various accessories, including an extension lance, a 6-in-1 multi-function nozzle, a rotatable nozzle, a soap container, and an inlet pipe. The 6-in-1 nozzle has six settings that can be adjusted according to the cleaning requirements. The washer can draw water from any fresh water source, adding convenience.

This product is beneficial for quick outdoor cleaning tasks such as washing cars, bikes, garden furniture, and tools. It is also capable of handling stubborn stains on various surfaces. The cordless design makes it easy to install and use and can be operated single-handedly without causing fatigue.

Customer reviews indicate that the product delivers good pressure for a battery-powered washer and the multiple spray settings are effective for different washing scenarios. The product also comes with two long-lasting batteries. Despite initial concerns about the price, users have found the product worth the investment due to its performance and versatility.

Sun Joe 24V WA24C-LTE iON+ Cordless Go-Anywhere Portable Sink/Shower Spray Washer Kit

The Sun Joe 24V WA24C-LTE IONMAX Cordless Go-Anywhere Portable Sink/Shower Spray Washer Kit is a versatile and portable cleaning solution. It is powered by a 24-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides ample power for the device to function efficiently. The kit includes a spray attachment that can be adjusted from a pinpoint jet stream to a gentle fan spray, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks.

The washer has a high-pressure hose with a length of 19.7 feet and can handle a maximum water inlet temperature of 140ºF. The battery runtime maxes out at 31 minutes, providing enough time for most cleaning tasks. The device also features a storage net for the hose and spray attachment, ensuring easy storage after use.

This portable sprayer is ideal for quick cleanups at campsites, cabins, cars, beaches, boats, or anywhere where power might be scarce. It can hold up to 5 gallons of fresh, pond, or tap water, allowing you to wash away dirt and debris effectively. However, some users have reported issues with the spray gun, stating that it is not designed to handle the water pressure generated by the product and tends to break within weeks of use.

Despite this, the Sun Joe 24V WA24C-LTE IONMAX Cordless Go-Anywhere Portable Sink/Shower Spray Washer Kit has been praised for its convenience and efficiency. It has benefited truck drivers who often lack access to showers on the road. Some users have even used it to water their plants, highlighting its versatility.

However, potential buyers should note that the manufacturer’s nozzle is prone to breaking, and it is recommended to purchase a Melnor Quick Connect 2-piece Kit (12MQC) as a replacement. Additionally, not all off-the-shelf nozzles are compatible with the Sun Joe washer, so it’s advisable to research before purchasing a replacement nozzle.

Greenworks 2000 Max PSI @ 1.1 GPM (13 Amp) Electric Pressure Washer

The Greenworks 2000 Max PSI @ 1.1 GPM (13 Amp) Electric Pressure Washer is a high-performance cleaning tool for medium-duty projects. It is powered by a 13 Amp electric motor that delivers a maximum pressure of 2000 PSI and a flow rate of 1.1 gallons per minute, making it highly efficient in removing grime and dirt from various surfaces.

This pressure washer comes with a 20-foot hose and a 35-foot power cord, providing users with a wide range of movement without compromising power. The power cord features an inline GFCI, making it safe for use on all exterior outlets. The unit also includes a soap siphon hose, allowing users to switch between pressure washing and cleaning detergents easily.

The Greenworks pressure washer is also equipped with an 11-inch cleaning width, making it ideal for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. It features a 1/4-inch quick connect, making it compatible with most pressure washers.

The product has been performance tested and rated by PWMA standards, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. It is backed by a 3-year warranty, offering users peace of mind with their purchase.

Customer reviews highlight the product’s maneuverability, ease of assembly, and deep cleaning capabilities. Some users have noted that while the pressure washer performs well for most tasks, it may lack the necessary power for cleaning concrete, driveways, and sidewalks. However, many users have praised its performance, particularly for car detailing and cleaning patio furniture, grills, and walkways.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, Cold Water, 1700-PSI, 1.2-GPM, Corded

The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, model number CMEPW1700, is a powerful and efficient cleaning tool designed for outdoor use. It operates on corded electric power and is characterized by its striking red color. The pressure washer boasts a maximum pressure of 1700 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM), making it capable of tackling various cleaning tasks.

This compact unit is designed for easy storage and has a 20-foot kink-resistant hose that ensures long-lasting performance. It also features a 35-foot power cord, providing an extended reach from your power outlet. The product dimensions are 17.5″L x 9.25″ W x 10.44″H, with a tank volume of 1.2 gallons.

The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer has a soap applicator and two nozzles, including a turbo nozzle, to facilitate cleaning needs, such as washing your car or cleaning your back patio. The pressure washer wand is designed with a comfortable grip for easy use. Additionally, the unit includes onboard storage for the nozzle, hose, cord, and rod, keeping accessories organized.

Despite its many benefits, some users have noted that the soap dispenser could be improved. However, the CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer is a worthwhile investment due to its robust performance and user-friendly design.