Best Fire Stick Remote Replacements of 2023

Are you tired of losing or breaking your Fire TV Stick remote? A replacement remote is an easy fix to get you back to streaming your favorite shows and movies. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which replacement Fire Stick remote is right for you.

This guide will review the top-rated replacement remotes compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick. We’ll compare standalone remotes, bundles with extra accessories, and remotes made specifically for Fire Stick models like the 4K. Whether you need Alexa voice control, an affordable option, or one optimized for your Fire TV device, we’ll help you find the best Fire Stick remote replacement.

By the end, you’ll know which replacement remote checks all the boxes for seamless functionality with your Fire Stick. With the right remote, you’ll be back to streaming smoothly. Let’s dive into the top picks and get you to replacement remote bliss!

Lutron Cas├ęta Wireless Single-Pole/3-Way Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit 

The Lutron Caseta Single-Pole/3-Way Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit is a versatile and user-friendly addition to any smart home setup. This kit includes a Caseta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer and a Pico remote, allowing users to control their lighting in various ways. The dimmer can be used with up to two floor or table lamps, and it’s compatible with multiple types of bulbs, including dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen.

One of the standout features of this product is its “smart away” function, which automatically turns the lamp on and off at random intervals when the user is not at home, creating the illusion of occupancy for enhanced security. Users can also set customizable schedules, adjusting brightness levels for different times of the day to create the perfect lighting atmosphere.

The included Pico remote replicates the functions of the wall plug and even consists of a bonus button that memorizes your favorite light brightness level. However, some users have noted that the remote can be confusing due to its uniform white color and the potential to hold it upside down.

The Lutron Caseta Smart Lamp Dimmer integrates seamlessly with various smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Assistant, Ring, Serena shades, and Sonos. It can be controlled via the free Lutron app, voice commands, or directly from the wall.

The product dimensions are 2 x 5.94 x 6.75 inches, and it operates at 120 volts (AC). The kit is easy to install, requires no special tools, and offers smooth, flicker-free dimming performance. Despite minor design flaws, the Lutron Caseta Single-Pole/3-Way Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit is a top-notch intelligent lighting solution that offers convenience, flexibility and enhanced control over your home’s ambiance.

Replacement New Voice Remote

The Replacement New Voice Remote (3rd Gen) is a product designed to be compatible with various Amazon TV devices, including the Amazon TV Stick (2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, Lite, 4K), Amazon TV Cube (1st Gen and later), and Amazon TV (3rd Gen). Manufactured by JUNMS, this remote control offers voice search functionality through Alexa and connects via Bluetooth.

Before using the remote, it needs to be paired with the device. This process involves pressing and holding the home button for 10-15 seconds until the LED flashes rapidly, indicating that the remote has entered pairing mode. The remote should pair automatically with your device within 30-60 seconds.

The remote features preset app buttons for quick access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. It also has a voice control function, allowing users to control their devices through Alexa anytime. However, it’s important to note that this product may require an adapter or converter outside the US due to differences in outlets and voltage.

While the remote generally functions well, some users have reported issues with its design and performance. Some noted that the back panel has an unusual off-red color instead of the standard black, and the buttons don’t click as smoothly, requiring more deliberate pressing. There were also reports of the power and volume buttons only working intermittently and the remote being slow to respond to button presses.

Despite these issues, many users found the remote a satisfactory replacement for their original ones, praising its compatibility with various Amazon TV devices and its voice control feature. However, it’s worth noting that this is not an official Amazon product, and some users have recommended purchasing an official Amazon product for better performance and reliability.

Replacement Voice Remote Control(2nd GEN) L5B83H 

The Replacement Voice Remote Control (2nd GEN) L5B83H is a product designed to enhance the user experience of various Amazon TV devices. This remote control is compatible with several Amazon devices, including the 2nd Gen TV Cube, Amazon TV Stick, 1st Gen Amazon TV Cube, Amazon Stick 4K, and 3rd Gen Amazon TV. However, it is incompatible with Amazon TV (1st and 2nd Gen), Amazon TV Stick (1st Gen), or Amazon TV Edition smart TVs.

This voice remote control requires initial pairing before use. The pairing process involves pressing the Home button for about 8-30 seconds until the LED rapidly flashes amber, after which the remote should automatically pair with your device. The remote features standard navigation and playback controls, allowing users to skip to their favorite scenes quickly.

One of the key features of this remote is its voice function, which makes it easy to find, launch, and control all existing content. Users can play music, view sports scores, check the weather, see live camera feeds, and control compatible smart home devices using voice commands.

The product is designed for use in the US and may require an adapter or converter for use in other countries due to differences in outlets and voltage. It is essential to check compatibility before purchasing.

Many customers have reviewed the remote, with some praising its functionality and ease of setup. In contrast, others have reported issues such as difficulty in pairing and high battery consumption. Despite these mixed reviews, the product maintains a rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on over 10,000 global ratings.

The Replacement Voice Remote Control (2nd GEN) L5B83H is black, supports one device at a time and is ergonomically designed for comfortable use. It also includes Bluetooth functionality and does not support another brand of Amazon TV Editions.