The Best 100+ Mile Range Walkie Talkies of 2023

Long-range walkie-talkies provide reliable communication over distances far more incredible than standard consumer models. Advanced radio technology allows the best 100+ mile range walkie-talkies to transmit and receive signals up to 100 miles or more in ideal conditions.

This guide reviews the most potent, top-performing 100+ mile walkie-talkies on the market. We evaluate critical factors like maximum range, signal clarity, battery life, durability, and extra features. Whether you need an ultra-long-range model for rural use or an emergency preparedness option, we have a recommendation for you. Read on for our picks of the 10 best 100+ mile range walkie-talkies of 2023, and stay connected even over huge distances.

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

The Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio is a long-range walkie-talkie designed for reliable communication in various environments. It features 50 General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) channels and a channel scan function to check for activity. The device is splash-resistant, thanks to its JIS4 waterproof protection. One of the critical features of this radio is its 36-mile range, which allows for extended communication in open areas with minimal obstructions. It also includes an Easy Voice and Sound Activation Transmission (EVOX) with nine sensitivity levels for hands-free operation. The radio has 142 CTCSS/DCS privacy codes, providing up to 3,124 channel options to block other conversations. This feature ensures privacy during communication.

Another significant feature is the NOAA Weather Scan + Alert. This function automatically scans through ten available weather band channels and locks onto the strongest one to alert users of severe weather updates. The product has been positively reviewed by users, who have praised its build quality, audio quality, and range. However, some users have noted that the battery performance could be improved.

The Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio is manufactured by Midland Radio Corporation, a company established in 1959 and known for its two-way radio and weather radio technology. The company’s products are sold in leading consumer electronics, sporting goods, specialty outdoor, and other retailers nationwide. Please note that to use these radios with the GMRS channels, you need to get a GMRS license. Also, products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US, and international users may require an adapter or converter.

 Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack

The Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio is a compact, easy-to-use two-way radio designed for family use. It comes in a pack of two and is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, or playing at the park. The radio ranges up to 16 miles under optimum conditions, varying depending on terrain, weather conditions, and obstructions. The T100 features 22 channels, allowing users to instantly reach their family and friends. It operates on 3 AAA batteries and can last up to 18 hours. The radio also includes a flashing low battery alert, a call tone, a keypad tone, a talk confirmation tone, and an auto squelch function.

The product dimensions are 1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches, weighing 4 ounces. It is not water-resistant and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The package includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips, and a user guide. Unlike other models in the Motorola Talkabout series, the T100 does not have Bluetooth functionality, emergency alert features, or weather channels. However, it is compatible with all FRS two-way radios and has a keypad lock feature to prevent accidental changes to personalized settings.

The product has received positive customer reviews, rated 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 9,549 ratings. Users have praised its performance for casual use and its affordability. However, some users have noted that the communication range is often less than the maximum possible and that removing the batteries can be difficult. The Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio was first available on April 1, 2016, and is manufactured by Motorola Solutions.

DEWALT DXFRS800 2 Watt Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies 

The DEWALT DXFRS800 is a set of two heavy-duty walkie-talkies designed for professional use. These devices are known for their rugged durability and high performance, making them ideal for job sites, contractors, and businesses. The walkie-talkies are waterproof and shock-resistant, capable of withstanding drops up to 2 meters. They are also dust-protected with an IP67 rating. These walkie-talkies offer ultra-clear long-distance reception with a 2-watt RF output that covers a range of up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors.

They operate on 22 preset channels and have 121 privacy codes to minimize unwanted interference. The battery-saving technology allows for up to 18 hours of continuous use. The DEWALT DXFRS800 walkie-talkies also feature hands-free VOX operation, vibration alert, roger beep, auto squelch, and convenient accessories for 6-port charging and earpieces (sold separately). They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship as long as you are the original owner.

Each box contains 2 DXFRS800 Walkie Talkie Two Way Radios, 2 Li-Polymer Batteries, 2 Holsters, 1 Dual Port Micro-USB Charger with 2 Dock Adapters, and 1 AC Adapter. A user guide is also included for easy setup and use. The product has received positive customer reviews, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 2,588 ratings. However, it’s important to note that products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US and may require an adapter or converter for use in other countries.

Motorola Solutions T470 Two-Way Radio Black W/Yellow Rechargeable Two-Pack

The Motorola Solutions T470 Two-Way Radio Black W/Yellow Rechargeable Two-Pack is a robust and versatile communication device designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. This two-way radio is built to withstand harsh environments, thanks to its IPX4 weatherproof rating. It features 22 channels with 121 privacy codes, ensuring secure and clear communication over a range of up to 35 miles. One of the standout features of the T470 is its built-in LED flashlight, which aids navigation in dark environments. The device also includes a Quiet Charge feature that allows it to receive NOAA weather and emergency alerts while keeping calls silent during charging. This makes it an ideal companion for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, where staying informed about weather conditions is crucial. The T470 has dual power options, allowing users to choose between NiMH rechargeable batteries or three AA batteries. The device can operate for up to 12 hours with the NiMH battery.

The VibraCall alert feature ensures you never miss a call, even in noisy environments. This two-pack set includes two T470 radios, two belt clips, a USB charger, two NiMH rechargeable batteries, and a user guide. The radios are easy to pair and have a license-free FRS radio feature. They also have a unique travel feature, making them perfect for trips and adventures. The Motorola Solutions T470 Two-Way Radio has received positive customer reviews, earning a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It ranks #165 in the category of Portable FRS Two-Way Radios. Despite its advanced features, the product is temporarily out of stock, indicating its popularity among consumers.

Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios, 2 Pack, Black/Blue

The Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios, available in a pack of two with a black/blue color scheme, are designed to provide reliable and efficient communication in off-grid situations. The radios communicate information using radio frequencies, similar to other radios. However, the unique feature of the T800 is its ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, the Motorola Talkabout smartphone app enables additional communication options beyond the standard push-to-talk. The app uses the T800 as a modem to send messages, locations, and more over the radio frequencies to other T800 users. This feature is handy for locating a friend’s campsite, sharing your site, or sending messages when off-grid. The app also allows you to control your radio settings.

The T800 radios have several additional features, such as iVox/Vox hands-free operation, emergency alerts, and a Vibracall alert. They have 22 channels plus 121 privacy codes, including a NOAA weather radio & signals feature to keep you updated and safe. The radios also offer easy pairing with other radios in the group for quick and convenient communication. The radios are powered by AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries, which are included in the package. They also have a built-in flashlight and are compatible with all FRS radios. The radios are compact, with product dimensions of 7.52 x 2.2 x 1.28 inches and a weight of 7.5 ounces.

The range of the radios can vary depending on terrain and conditions, but under optimum conditions, they can reach up to 35 miles. However, this range can be reduced in real-life situations. The radios also warn that their content can be significantly reduced without an unobstructed line of sight. The package includes two T800 radios, two NiMH rechargeable batteries, a Y cable charging adaptor with dual micro-USB connectors, two belt clips, a user guide, and an accessory brochure. The radios have received positive user reviews for their quality, range, and unique features. However, they are currently unavailable for purchase.

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

The Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios are a set of two walkie-talkies designed for adult use. Using UHF tuner technology, they operate on 16 channels within the 406.1-470 MHz frequency range. The radios are not water-resistant and run on a voltage of 3.7 volts. Each radio measures 1 x 2 x 4.3 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. These radios come with a unique feature of a USB Type-C Port for charging, allowing users to save money by recharging their devices instead of buying disposable batteries. A single charge can last between 8 to 96 hours depending on usage. The radios also have an earpiece with a built-in microphone and a Push-to-Talk button. When the earpiece is plugged in, all sound goes to the earpiece, and the radio speaker becomes silent.

The radios are equipped with VOX (Voice Activated Operation) for hands-free communication, making them ideal for various situations such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, hotels, retail stores, events, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, bicycling, and motorcycling. The radios have a long-range capability, with customers reporting communication distances of 2-3 miles in congested terrain and over 5 miles in areas with minimal obstructions. They are ready to use right out of the box without additional programming or configuration.

The product package includes two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and an earpiece with a mic for each radio. However, it’s important to note that products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US and may require an adapter or converter for use in other countries. Customer reviews highlight the radios’ clear sound quality, impressive range, and convenient size. Some users have reported that the radios are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a practical choice for various activities and professions. However, some users have noted that the earpiece seems cheap and would prefer a storage case to be included.

BAOFENG BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio

The BAOFENG BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) is an 8-watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio that operates on 136-174MHz VHF and 400-520MHz UHF frequencies. This third-generation model of the UV-5R series boasts a higher power output, with three selectable levels (1W, 4W, 8W), compared to its predecessors. The radio has a new 2000mAh battery that provides a long-lasting experience, even with high power. The battery life averages around 20 hours on high power (8W), and 24 hours on mid-power (5W). The large battery also allows users to utilize the built-in flashlight or FM radio without worrying about recharging throughout the day.

The BF-F8HP includes a high-gain V-85 Antenna and maintains full backward accessory compatibility with all prior UV-5R accessories. It also features the latest N5R-340A firmware, unavailable on any other model. Designed in the USA, the BF-F8HP focuses on providing a more effortless user experience. It has an in-depth user guide, exclusive concierge customer help, and warranty support. This concierge service is only available on select BaoFeng models, such as the BF-F8HP.

The product package includes the BaoFeng BF-F8HP, a 2000mAh Battery, a V-85 Antenna, a Power Adapter, an Earpiece, a Belt Clip, a Hand Strap, a Battery Charger, a User Manual, and 1 Year Complimentary Concierge Service and Warranty Support. The BF-F8HP also offers computer programming options, allowing users to enter a 7-character “Name” for each channel. However, channel names cannot be programmed into the radio manually. The radio has been praised for its affordability, power output, and ease of use, making it a popular choice for both new and experienced Amateur Radio Operators. It is also considered a perfect all-in-one “bug-out” radio package due to its dual-band, FM Broadcast, NWS NOAA, FRS/GMRS, and emergency services frequency capabilities coupled with its powerful 2100 mAh factory battery and optional 3800 mAh battery.

Walkie Talkies LT-316 GMRS Outdoor Camping Hiking Hunting

The Walkie Talkies LT-316 GMRS are a pair of compact, ultra-thin two-way radios designed for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting. Manufactured by LUITON, these black-colored devices operate on a frequency range of 400 – 470 MHz and 400 – 520 MHz, with a maximum talking range of up to 3 miles. They are equipped with 16 channels and a unique lightweight feature. A 3.7-volt battery powers the radios and has a water resistance level that makes them waterproof. These walkie-talkies are highly praised for their loud audio output, ease of use, and micro USB charging capability similar to a cell phone. They are also appreciated for their small size, making them convenient to carry around in a pocket or on a belt clip. Despite their compact size, they deliver a powerful output of 3 watts and can cover a range of 5-10 miles in open areas.

Users have found these radios helpful in areas with poor cell signal, like during camping trips. They are also handy for professional use, such as event coordination. Some users have even used them while parasailing and boating. The radios come with their own charging cords and plugs and, depending on usage, can last several days on a full charge. However, it’s important to note that these radios must be reprogrammed with legal frequencies for use in the United States, as the pre-programmed frequencies are unsuitable. This requires a separate programming cable, which is not included in the package. Despite this, users have found these radios excellent value for professional and amateur use.