Top Hair Bleach Kits

This article counts the top at-home hair bleaching products for achieving a gorgeous, lifted color. We reviewed the highest-rated lighteners from brands like L’Oreal, Clairol, and Wella to recommend the best hair bleach kits across every budget. Whether you want to go platinum or brighten up a few shades, these gentle yet powerful formulas are easy to use like a pro.

MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

The MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit is a comprehensive hair-lightening product designed to prepare your hair for applying intense semi-permanent hair dye colors. The kit includes a dust-free bleach powder, a thirty-volume cream developer, both vegan and cruelty-free, a mixing tub, a tint brush, a plastic cap, a set of plastic gloves, and detailed instructions.

The bleach powder contains ingredients such as Potassium Persulfate, Ammonium Persulfate, Sodium Metasilicate, and Sodium Stearate, among others. On the other hand, the developer contains Water/Aqua/Eau, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Trideceth-2 Carboxamide MEA, Sodium Stannate, and Phosphoric Acid.

This kit can lift hair color to five levels, preparing it for the application of vivid colors. It is recommended for use on light, medium, or dark brown or black hair to achieve medium-blonde to light-blonde results. The product is also PETA accredited, indicating its commitment to animal welfare.

The kit comes in tub packaging and is available in an original color. MANIC PANIC manufactures it with a product dimension of 10 x 10 x 0.16 inches, weighing 4 ounces. The manufacturer recommends this product for individuals aged between 36 months and 15 years.

Users have praised the product for its fast-acting formula and the even lift it provides. However, due to its quick action, users are advised to apply the mixture immediately after preparation and to move quickly during application. A strand test is strongly recommended before application to ensure desired results and avoid adverse reactions.

Despite the product’s effectiveness, users are reminded that the manufacturer’s information should not replace professional medical advice and should contact their healthcare provider if they suspect any health problems related to using this product.

Wella ColorCharm Powder Hair Lightener 1lb 16oz

The Wella ColorCharm Powder Hair Lightener is a professional-strength lightening powder that can lift natural hair color to 7 levels. It contains a built-in protecting oil system to help lock in moisture while lighting. This lightener comes in a 1-pound (16-ounce) container and is ideal for all on- and off-scalp lightening techniques when mixed with an appropriate Wella developer.

The ColorCharm lightener has a dust-free formula that provides brilliant, long-lasting results. It can be used to achieve pale blonde shades or to remove darker permanent and demi-permanent hair dyes. The powder formula is smooth and easy to mix into a creamy, grit-free consistency. It reliably lifts hair color in the stated processing time without needing to reapply.

This lightener is gentler on hair than many other powder bleaches. It does not leave hair feeling dry, brittle or stretchy like cheaper lighteners can. Even after multiple applications, it keeps hair in good condition. The ColorCharm lightener avoids unnecessary damage while still effectively lifting color. It is a cost-effective option that saves money on additional hair treatments after harsher lighteners.

The Wella ColorCharm Powder Hair Lightener receives positive reviews for its performance and hair-friendly formula. Professional hair stylists and home colorists alike frequently recommend it. This lightener provides salon-quality results while being gentle enough for at-home use.

Punky Colour Lightning Fast 40 Vol Bleach Kit

The Punky Colour Lightning Fast 40 Vol Bleach Kit is an all-in-one hair bleaching system designed to lift and lighten hair in preparation for coloring. It contains a 40-volume cream peroxide developer, 28g of bleaching powder, an application brush, gloves, and an Intrabond serum additive to help repair and protect hair during bleaching.

This professional-quality kit uses a high-lift formula to achieve pale yellow tones quickly, making it ideal for creating highlights, streaks, tips, and ombré looks. The included Intrabond complex helps minimize damage to hair structure. It is safe, easy to use, and provides salon-quality results at home.

The bleach kit has simple instructions for mixing and applying the product in sections. Timing will vary based on the original hair color and porosity. On average, the bleach requires 10-60 minutes of processing time. The kit contains enough product for one full-head application. Results are temporary and will fade over 4-6 weeks.

The Punky Colour Lightning Fast 40 Vol Bleach Kit delivers an effective and affordable at-home hair lightening system. The high-lift formula achieves dramatic results, while the Intrabond additive helps protect and repair hair during processing. It’s an ideal option for anyone looking to safely prep their hair for fashion colors.

‘N Rage Bleach & Toner Kit, White Out Kit Pre Color Hair Bleach Kit

The ‘N Rage Bleach & Toner Kit, also known as the White Out Kit, is an all-in-one hair bleaching system designed for pre-lightening dark hair before coloring. The kit contains a fast-acting 10-minute off-the-scalp bleach formula, 40 40-volume bleach activator, and a conditioning toner.

The bleach formula uses a powder that activates quickly when mixed with the included developer. It is formulated to lift dark hair to pale blonde or white in a single application. The kit is designed for use by both professional stylists and at-home users. It can be used for complete head bleaching, highlights, hair frosting, and more.

The toning step helps eliminate brassiness and dullness after bleaching, resulting in brighter, more vibrant color results. It conditions hair after the harsh bleaching process. The bleach kit allows users to achieve vivid, long-lasting hair colors across various textures by prepping the hair for intense dye results.

Reviews indicate the bleach kit lifts hair effectively to pale tones in a short time. Some reviews mention the kit does not contain enough product for long or thick hair, so extra may be needed. Overall, it is an easy-to-use at-home bleaching system that achieves dramatic lighting so users can express themselves with vivid hair colors.

Bright White Creme Lightener

The Bright White Creme Lightener is a hair-lightening product on Users have praised the product for its pleasant smell, which is more agreeable than other bleaching products. The cream formula of the lightener is easy to mix and apply, and it doesn’t cause any itching or burning sensations on the scalp.

One of the key advantages of this product is its effectiveness in lightening hair without causing damage. Users have reported that their hair remained shiny, soft, and healthy after use, without any dryness or breakage. This makes it an ideal choice for at-home DIY hair experiments.

In one instance, a user successfully changed her husband’s natural Asian-type black hair to a deep blue color using this product. The process involved using the cream lightener, the Ion developer 20 vol., Wella Toner T18, Adore semi-permanent color in Royal Navy, and a hair dye supplies kit. The process took about 60 minutes, and the result was a level 8-9 lightening from levels 1-2, which was quite impressive.

However, the product did leave some yellow and orange spots, which were corrected using a Wella T18 to achieve a beautiful ash-blonde color – the perfect base for the blue hair dye.

Despite its effectiveness, some users have noted that the product might not lighten as well as the powder they have used for years. There were also instances where the product arrived not fully closed and leaked into the bag. Despite these minor issues, the overall consensus is that the Bright White Creme Lightener is an excellent product for at-home hair-lightening experiments.

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Intense Permanent Coloration 00a Absolute Platinum

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Intense Permanent Coloration 00a Absolute Platinum is a permanent dye that can lighten dark brown hair to a pale, gingery blonde in around 30 minutes. It contains a bleaching agent that lifts natural hair color several shades lighter with relatively minor damage. The result on dark hair is a very light ginger shade, while more golden blonde hair can produce an icy platinum blonde.

To optimize results, avoiding removing all colors of pale ginger is recommended if starting with very dark hair. After coloring, a blonde shampoo and conditioner can help neutralize brassiness and enhance a more natural platinum tone. It is advised to test the product first before a full application, as results vary depending on the original hair color. The complete color change may take 2 applications spaced a couple of days apart.

This professional-quality permanent hair color comes in a kit containing 2 bottles of lightening cream, which should provide enough product for shoulder-length hair. It can lighten hair dramatically quickly but still requires following all instructions carefully. Overall, Schwarzkopf Live XXL Colour Intense 00a offers a fast way to achieve pale platinum blonde hair color at home with salon-like results when used correctly.