The Best Upright Freezers at Costco for Your Home in 2023

For many households, an upright freezer is an indispensable appliance that provides extra storage for frozen foods. Costco is a great place to find high-quality upright freezers at warehouse prices. When shopping for the best upright freezer at Costco, you must consider several factors to select the suitable model for your needs and budget.

The most important features to evaluate are capacity, dimensions, temperature control, energy efficiency, and unique modes like fast freeze. Costco offers upright freezers in various sizes, from compact 4.5 cubic feet models to large 25 cubic foot industrial-style units. Prices range from around $200 up to $1,000 or more.

Top brands of upright freezers available at Costco include GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung. By comparing cubic feet capacity, freezer shelf configurations, temperature settings, and energy ratings, you can zero in on the perfect upright freezer for your household from Costco’s selection.

This guide covers the pros, cons, features, and genuine customer reviews of Costco’s top-rated and best-selling upright freezer models. With these recommendations, you can feel confident choosing the ideal upright freezer for your family’s needs and budget.

Koolatron Compact Upright Freezer

The Koolatron Compact Upright Freezer is a space-efficient appliance that provides additional storage for frozen goods. With a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet or 88 liters, this compact freezer is ideal for small apartments, condos, and cottages. The freezer features a classic white design that seamlessly fits any decor.

The freezer’s design includes a flat back and a reversible door that can be installed to open to the left or right, making it adaptable to various space configurations. It also has three pull-out baskets made of vinyl-coated wire, which help organize and access the freezer’s contents.

The freezer uses reliable compressor cooling technology to maintain the desired temperature from 0 to -24C (32 to -11.2F). An external control dial allows for easy temperature adjustment without opening the door. The freezer has a solid magnetic door seal to keep the cold air inside.

Despite its compact size, the freezer has been noted to have smaller compartments inside, limiting the scope of items that can be stored. Regular manual defrosting is recommended to keep the freezer running efficiently.

The freezer measures 19.75″D x 21″ W x 33.75″H and weighs 56.2 pounds. It operates at 120 volts and uses 140 watts of power. The freezer is Energy Star certified, indicating its energy efficiency.

However, some users have reported issues with the door not shutting completely without applying pressure. This could potentially lead to loss of cold air if not noticed.

The Koolatron Compact Upright Freezer is a practical and efficient solution for those needing extra freezer space in smaller living environments.

RCA RFRF690 Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft, White

The RCA RFRF690 is an upright freezer with a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, making it an ideal choice for garages, basements, or dorms. The freezer, which comes in white, has a freestanding installation method and is powered by corded electricity with a voltage of 120 volts. It weighs 83 pounds and measures 21 x 21 x 55 inches.

The freezer is made from plastic and metal, with a stainless steel door. It features three wire shelves for organizing and storing food items and a bright LED lighting system. The front door is reversible, and the legs are adjustable, ensuring balance and sturdiness. The freezer operates on a manual defrost system, making cleaning easy.

The RCA RFRF690 does not require batteries and has a one-year parts and labor warranty. The package includes the freezer, three shelves, and an owner’s manual.

Customer reviews indicate that the freezer is highly maneuverable and suitable for small spaces. However, some customers have reported issues with frost forming on the door, and others have received units with cosmetic damage. Despite these issues, many customers are satisfied with their purchase, praising the freezer’s quick freezing capability and compact size.

RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer, 6.5 cf Stainless

The RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer is a freestanding appliance with a stainless steel finish. Its capacity is 6.5 cubic feet or 184 liters, making it an ideal choice for additional freezer storage in garages, basements, or dorms. The product dimensions are 22.24 x 21.26 x 55.91 inches and weigh 91.8 pounds.

This model features a reversible door that can open to the left or right, providing easy access to its contents. It also comes with adjustable legs for stability. The freezer’s interior includes three wire shelves and bright LED lighting, which aids in organizing and locating items.

The RCA RFRF695 Upright Freezer has an interior thermostat for easy temperature monitoring and control. It operates on a manual defrost system, which aids in maintaining cleanliness. The freezer is energy-certified, consuming 304 kWh/year.

The package includes the freezer, three shelves, and an owner’s manual. No batteries are required for operation. The freezer is compatible with monitors and uses RCA connectors. The materials used in its construction include plastic and metal.

RCA, the manufacturer of this freezer, has over 90 years of experience in distributing quality electronics and appliances. Customer reviews indicate that the freezer performs well over time, with one user noting its continued efficient freezing capability 1.5 years after purchase. However, some users have reported increased noise and issues with specific suppliers over time.

Kismile 3.0 Cu.ft Compact Upright Freezer

The Kismile 3.0 Cu.ft Compact Upright Freezer is a versatile and efficient home, kitchen, office, or dorm appliance. Its compact design has a large capacity of 3.0 cubic feet, making it ideal for storing various items such as breast milk, meat, aquatic products, cold drinks, and more. The freezer measures 20.3”(W)*22.2”(D)*32”(H), making it a space-saving solution that can fit into various kitchen layouts.

One of the key features of this freezer is its user-friendly design. It comes with adjustable leveling legs for balance on uneven floors and a reversible door that can be opened from the left or right side, providing installation flexibility. The freezer also has a removable steel shelf for easy organization of storage needs.

The Kismile 3.0 Cu.ft Compact Upright Freezer is energy-efficient, using only 0.6 kilowatt-hours of daily power. It operates quietly with noise levels of less than 40 decibels, ensuring minimal disturbance. The freezer uses an R600a compressor known for its high efficiency and low energy consumption, allowing rapid cooling.

The freezer also features a 7-grade adjustable thermostat control located at the rear, allowing users to select their ideal temperature between -7.6°F and 6.8°F (-14°C and -22°C).

Customer reviews highlight the freezer’s quiet operation, spacious interior despite its compact size and exceptional customer service support. Some customers have noted that the freezer arrived damaged but still functioned properly, while others praised the easy door-swapping process. Overall, the Kismile 3.0 Cu.ft Compact Upright Freezer is highly recommended for its functionality, efficiency, and user-friendly design.

Commercial Cool Upright Freezer, Stand Up Freezer 6 Cu Ft

The Commercial Cool Upright Freezer is a stand-up freezer with a capacity of 6 cubic feet. It is sleek black and features a reversible door, allowing for flexible placement in various spaces. The freezer measures 21.5″ x 22.2″ x 55.1″ and weighs 92.6 lbs, making it compact enough to fit in smaller areas of your home, office, or garage.

This freezer is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. It has an adjustable thermostat that ensures food is always stored at the correct temperature. The freezer opens from the front for easy access and includes five full-width steel wire shelves for organized frozen meals, snacks, and ice storage. Additionally, it has adjustable leveling legs to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

The Commercial Cool Upright Freezer is ETL energy and safety certified, using R600a refrigerant. This certification ensures that the freezer is energy-efficient, helping to save on electricity bills. It also comes with manual defrost functionality, ensuring you’ll never run out of frozen goods.

W Appliance Company manufactures the freezer and has the model number CCUL60B6. It operates on 115 volts and is designed for freestanding installation. The package includes a manual, and the product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

This upright freezer is ideal for those needing extra storage for frozen foods beyond what their refrigerator can hold. It’s perfect for storing extra food for emergencies, reducing trips to the grocery store, or having extra ice for parties. With its space-saving design and reversible door, this freezer can be conveniently placed anywhere and moved from room to room without worrying about door orientation.

R.W.FLAME Mini Freezer

The R.W.FLAME Upright Compact Freezer is a freestanding mini freezer with a capacity of 3.0 cubic feet, making it an ideal choice for homes, offices, and apartments. It comes in a sleek black color and features a single door of stainless steel. The entry is designed to be reversible, allowing for flexible placement in any room. However, some users have reported reversing the door requires additional effort and modifications.

This compact freezer is equipped with adjustable temperature control, which can be set from -7.6℉ to 6.8℉ (-14℃ to -22℃), providing a wide range of cooling options. The temperature control dial is conveniently located at the back of the unit. The freezer also includes a removable shelf for easy organization and cleaning.

Weighing 53.9 pounds, the R.W.FLAME freezer has dimensions of 21.46 x 22.95 x 33.46 inches, making it a space-saving solution for your kitchen or office. It operates on 110-volt AC power and uses an energy-efficient compressor, ensuring low energy consumption. The freezer also boasts a low noise level of 40dB or less, providing a quiet operation.

Additional features include adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces, a thickened sealing strip for enhanced insulation, and a movable glass shelf for added convenience. Despite its compact size, this freezer offers ample storage space for your daily needs. However, some users have expressed concerns about the durability of the plastic handle.

Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft

The Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer is a sleek and stylish appliance with a storage capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, providing ample space for stocking up on frozen foods. The freezer features a smooth VCM stainless steel look finish that is easy to maintain. It has an external dial temperature control for simple and easy temperature adjustments and a manual defrost function. The freezer also includes six wire shelves to help organize items.

The freezer’s design is space-saving with a flush back, making it suitable for corners and small locations against the wall. It also features a reversible door, allowing users to arrange the door to open to the left or right based on their needs and room configuration. The freezer operates at a wattage of 760 watts and a bulb voltage of 120 volts.

The freezer’s dimensions are 21.26 x 22.24 x 55.91 inches, weighing 94.8 pounds. It is made of stainless steel and metal, and its power source is corded electric. The freezer comes with three shelves and an owner’s manual. It does not require batteries and has a one-year parts and labor warranty.

The freezer has received positive customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from over 2,000 global ratings. Customers have praised the freezer’s storage capacity, energy efficiency, maneuverability, and lightweight design. However, some customers have noted that the shelves are narrow and fixed, limiting the size of items that can be stored. Despite this, many customers have found the freezer to be a valuable addition to their homes, workplaces, RVs, and dorms.

Danby DUFM032A3WDB-3 Upright Freezer

The Danby DUFM032A3WDB-3 Upright Freezer is an excellent choice for those seeking a compact yet efficient freezer for their condo, apartment, trailer, or cottage. This model offers 3.2 cubic feet (91 liters) of cooling and storage space, making it a perfect fit for smaller areas. The freezer features two quick-freeze shelves that facilitate the easy organization of your items.

The freezer operates continuously thanks to its manual defrost system and user-friendly mechanical thermostat. The door, which includes an integrated handle, can be adjusted for either left or right-handed opening, adding to its convenience. The freezer has a fresh white finish, giving it a classy look. It also has a scratch-resistant worktop for storing extra accessories.

This model is environmentally friendly as it uses R600a refrigerant. It is also garage-ready and can function in temperatures ranging from 0F to 110F (-17C to 43C). The freezer’s door is made of stainless steel, ensuring durability.

The product dimensions are 22.5 x 20.69 x 32.69 inches, weighing 59.3 pounds. It operates at 115 volts and uses 140 watts of power. The door hinges are reversible, and CSA has certified the freezer.

The Danby DUFM032A3WDB-3 Upright Freezer does not require batteries for operation. It comes with a generous 5-year warranty on parts and labor, promising speedy in-home service.

Magic Chef MCPMCUF3W2 MCUF3W2 Freezer, 3.0 cu. ft, White

The Magic Chef MCPMCUF3W2 MCUF3W2 Freezer is a compact, freestanding freezer with a capacity of 3.0 cubic feet. It comes in white and has a steel door. The freezer weighs 53.2 pounds, and its dimensions are 22.2 x 20.3 x 32.1 inches. It operates at 120 volts and uses 270 kWh of energy. The freezer features manual defrosting and reversible door hinges. It includes two wire shelves and two leveling legs.

This freezer is ideal for smaller spaces such as apartments, office break rooms, vacation condos, and mobile homes. Its design allows for easy organization of frozen foods and offers placement flexibility due to its reversible door and flush-back design.

However, customer reviews indicate mixed experiences with the product. Some customers have praised the freezer for its quiet operation, neat appearance, and ample storage space. They also appreciate the adjustable temperature thermostat control and the recessed door handle. On the other hand, some users have reported issues with rapid ice build-up, attributing this to poor-quality seals around the door. This issue has led to difficulties in defrosting and reduced usable space inside the freezer. Despite these issues, many customers still recommend the product for its overall performance and size.