The Best Hair Pastes for Women to Achieve Versatile Styling

Hair paste has become a go-to styling product for women looking to add texture, separation, and matte finish to their locks. The right hair paste can help you achieve the perfectly undone bedhead look or add flexible hold to an updo. Unlike gel, hair paste provides moveable hold and touchable texture that doesn’t look overly stiff or crunchy.

When shopping for a quality hair paste, it’s important to consider your hair type and desired finish. Formulas optimized for fine hair will provide piecey separation without weighing strands down. Pastes for curly and thick hair focus on enhancing definition and controlling frizz. You’ll also want to look for nourishing ingredients like shea butter and essential oils to condition without leaving residue.

In this guide, we cover the top 5 best hair paste products for women based on quality, performance, and value. We’ll compare the ingredients, texture, scent, and effectiveness of leading hair paste brands like R+Co, Ouai, Verb, and more. You’ll get the scoop on how well these hair pastes define curls, add shine, and achieve flexible hold that lasts all day.

Read on to find the perfect hair paste match for your styling needs and hair type. With the right product, you can create any look from perfectly tousled to sleek and polished. It’s time to say goodbye to stiff, sticky formulas and hello to touchable, textured hair!

Tea Tree Shaping Cream, Hair Styling Cream

The Tea Tree Shaping Cream is a hair styling cream that offers long-lasting hold with a matte finish. It is suitable for all hair types and comes in a 3 fluid-ounce container. The product is vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free, ensuring it’s safe and healthy for your hair. It has a cool mint, tea tree, and citrus scent, adding a refreshing touch to your hair care routine.

This shaping cream is designed to provide peace definition in shorter styles like shags, crew cuts, and choppy crops. It offers various levels of hold – flexible, medium, and firm – allowing you to choose the one that best suits your hair type and style preference. The cream also adds shine, controls frizz, and includes special conditioners for added hair health benefits.

The texture of the cream is slightly more complex than lotion, but it’s not pasty. Once you scoop out a dab, it transforms into a more lotion-like consistency that works well when you want to lift your hair without molding it into a specific shape. The cream leaves no residue and allows your hair to move naturally while retaining its lift and height.

The product is manufactured by John Paul Mitchell Systems and is made in the USA. It ranks #17 in Hair Styling Gels and #1,558 in Beauty & Personal Care on Amazon. The product is priced at $24.00, which equates to $8.00 per ounce. Amazon Prime members can enjoy fast, free shipping and free returns.

Customer reviews highlight the product’s effectiveness in providing a natural look while avoiding an overly styled appearance. However, some users have noted that the scent might be overpowering for some. Overall, the Tea Tree Shaping Cream is a high-quality, professional-strength hair styling product recommended by dermatologists, stylists, estheticians, and beauty experts.

AQUAGE Transforming Paste Lite

AQUAGE Transforming Paste Lite is a premium beauty product that offers the texturizing ability of a paste combined with the weightlessness of a spray. This medium-hold paste delivers a soft, modern texture to all hair types. It is unscented and comes in clay with a liquid volume of 1.75 fluid ounces.

The product is priced at $13.00 per unit, which equates to $7.43 per ounce. It can be purchased through Amazon, which offers fast, free shipping for Prime members and free returns. The item can be returned in new and unused condition without shipping charges. It is also eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt.

The AQUAGE Transforming Paste Lite is highly rated by customers, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 225 global ratings. Users have praised the product for its effectiveness in taming curly hair, providing light hold, and adding body to hair without the need for heavy products. Spreading a small amount thinly over fingers and sliding fingers through dry hair to direct, define, or texturize is recommended.

Amazon sells the product and is part of their choice highlights, indicating it is a well-priced, high-quality product available for immediate shipping. The product is made in the USA and ranks #498 in Hair Sprays in Amazon’s Beauty & Personal Care category.

For those interested in purchasing, the product can be picked up for free on orders shipped by Amazon over $25. The pickup process involves placing the order, receiving a notification when the package is ready, and then picking it up from the chosen location.

GIOVANNI Wicked Texture

GIOVANNI Wicked Texture is a high-quality pomade that offers a firm hold and uniquely separates any hairstyle. This styling wax is easy to use, washes out effortlessly, and does not strip the natural oils from your hair, ensuring a healthy and stylish look. It is suitable for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair types and is free from sulfates and parabens.

The product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, certified by Leaping Bunny. It is also color-safe, nourishing hair with ingredients such as Lavender, Peppermint, and Sage without stripping color. The product is free from harsh chemicals commonly used in regular beauty products, leaving you with robust, beautiful hair.

GIOVANNI Wicked Texture Pomade is part of the GIOVANNI brand, the first full-range, salon-inspired hair-care brand in natural product stores. The brand was founded by Arthur Guidotti, a Hollywood and Beverly Hills hairstylist who opened his salon, On Sunset, in the 1960s. Since 1979, GIOVANNI has been committed to creating high-performance formulations wrapped in aesthetically beautiful packaging and marketed with extraordinary visuals and graphics.

The product comes in a 2-ounce container and is currently out of stock. It has received positive reviews for its ability to style medium to long hair and ease of use. However, it is noted that availability may be an issue in some areas.

Kenra Platinum Whipped Taffy 20 

Kenra Platinum Whipped Taffy 20 is a high-quality hair styling product that offers many benefits. It is designed to sculpt, smooth, and texturize all hair types, delivering an ultra-matte, firm-hold finish. This versatile product provides ultimate style control without adding weight to the hair, thanks to its unique whipped soufflé texture.

The product is cruelty-free and has a pleasant berry and musk scent. It comes in a 59.15-milliliter volume and can be applied to damp or dry hair as desired. Despite its firm hold, it offers flexible working time, allowing users to achieve their desired style easily.

On a hold factor scale of 0-30, Whipped Taffy 20 provides a medium-high hold. However, it does not offer humidity resistance. Despite this, it is perfect for adding agility and styling control to braids and styles. Compared to Texturizing Taffy 13, Whipped Taffy 20 has a higher hold and comes as an aerated, whipped soufflé rather than a taffy.

Kenra Professional, a reputable company in the beauty industry, manufactures the product. It is part of Amazon’s Professional Beauty selection, including high-quality products in professional settings such as salons, spas, and dermatology offices. The product is priced at $23.99 per ounce and comes with fast, free shipping and free returns for Amazon Prime members.

Please note that while professionals recommend this product, it is always advisable to read labels and instructions before use and not rely solely on on-site content for healthcare advice.

Redken Pliable Paste Flexible Hold Styling Paste

Redken Pliable Paste Flexible Hold Styling Paste is a versatile hair styling product with medium hold control, making it suitable for all hair types. This lightweight paste is designed to add flexible texture and moisture to the hair, allowing users to create various styles, including twists, shapes, and textured looks.

The Pliable Paste is formulated with reworkable fibers and wheat protein, contributing to its flexible and lightweight hold. It can be applied to damp or dry hair and only requires a small amount to achieve the desired style. The product is also easy to use; rub a small amount between your hands and apply it to your hair to shape, mold, or twist your preferred style.

In addition to its styling benefits, the Pliable Paste is vegan and does not flake, ensuring a natural finish. It’s part of Redken’s Texture Collection, which includes other styling products like Spray Wax, Texture Paste, and Max Sculpting Gel. Each product in this collection offers unique benefits and hold levels, catering to different styling needs.

The Pliable Paste was formerly known as Rewind 06 but underwent a renovation that included a change in packaging and name. Despite these changes, the formula remains the same, maintaining its hold and pleasant scent.

Redken is also committed to sustainability, reducing virgin plastic in its packaging and manufacturing its products in factories using renewable energy. They also offer Cradle to Cradle certified products, reflecting their commitment to safety, circularity, and responsibility.

Overall, Redken Pliable Paste Flexible Hold Styling Paste is a highly recommended product for those seeking a flexible, lightweight hold that allows for creative styling while respecting the planet.

RUSK Paste, 4 Fl oz.

RUSK Paste, 4 Fl oz., is a high-quality hair styling product designed to provide supreme control over your hair. It is ideal for anyone who desires textured looks and changeable styles. The paste has a web-like texture and stretchable fibers help tame unruly hair into radical submissiveness. It allows you to lift, separate, and define your hair, giving you the prerogative to change any hairstyle mid-style or mid-day.

The application of RUSK Paste is simple. You need to rub a small amount between your hands and then, using your fingertips, start at the roots and work through to the ends. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

The product comes in a clay form and is unscented, making it suitable for those who prefer fragrance-free hair products. It is also recommended by dermatologists, stylists, estheticians, and beauty experts and can be found in professional settings like salons, spas, and dermatology offices.

The manufacturer does not discontinue RUSK Paste; its dimensions are 2.88 x 3 x 5.2 inches, weighing 3.2 ounces. It holds a respectable position in the beauty and personal care category, ranking #33,415 overall and #657 in hair styling gels. However, as of May 28th, 2023, it is unclear when or if this item will be back in stock.

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 | Styling Fiber Crème 

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 is a versatile styling fiber crème that offers medium hold and is suitable for all hair types. It is designed to define, detail, and smooth styles, providing superior control for sculpting short and long hairstyles. The product is known for its ability to create separation and texture with a soft, moveable feel, allowing for flexible styling without stiffness. Its pliable formula ensures superior memory and control and a medium-high shine finish.

The application of this product is straightforward. Starting with a dime-sized amount, it should be evenly distributed using palms or fingertips on damp or dry hair. The hair can then be blow-dried, sculpted, styled, or air-dried. More products can be applied as needed. It’s also suitable for braids and up styles for deconstructed looks.

For styles requiring extra longevity, it is recommended to use a high-hold hairspray such as Finishing Spray 26 afterward to set the style in place. To avoid over-saturation and potential greasiness, it is advised to use the Texturizing Taffy 13 in moderation and layer on additional products as needed.

The product comes in a 2 oz. The container has a pleasant fragrance of berries and musk. It is cruelty-free and is recommended by dermatologists, stylists, estheticians, and beauty experts. As of May 6th, 2023, the product’s availability is uncertain.

R+Co Control Flexible Paste

The R+Co Control Flexible Paste is a high-quality hair styling product with a firm hold and a natural finish. This vegan and cruelty-free paste comes in a 2.2 oz container and is suitable for all hair types. It is gluten-free and vegetarian, providing thermal and UV protection for your hair. The paste has a refreshing eucalyptus scent and is designed to offer styles that hold tight without feeling stiff.

The product offers a semi-matte finish with a natural feel and a buildable medium-strong hold. It is beneficial for increasing the body, suppleness, and sheen in the hair. The paste is also suitable for creating long-lasting texture and taming flyaways on the go. It can create messy, matte, sexy styles, clean, glossy hairstyles, and more.

The R+Co Control Flexible Paste is also known for strengthening and hydrating fine hair, making it feel more robust and nourishing thick hair. Its shine, hold/memory, and weight are rated highly.

This product is part of the R+Co range, which includes other hair care products like the ATLANTIS B5 Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, MANNEQUIN Styling Paste, and OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray.

The R+Co Control Flexible Paste is priced at $34.00, with additional shipping and import fees for international orders. It is available on Amazon, ranking #24,264 in Beauty & Personal Care and #478 in Hair Styling Gels. The product has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its ability to provide volume and a messy look while maintaining a matte finish.

KMS Hairplay Molding Paste

The KMS Hairplay Molding Paste is a high-quality hair care product available for purchase on Amazon. Priced at $25.50 per unit, or $7.73 per fluid ounce, it offers professional-strength performance as dermatologists, stylists, estheticians, and beauty experts recommend.

This product is part of Amazon’s Professional Beauty range, a curated selection of items typically found in professional settings such as salons, spas, and dermatology offices. The KMS Hairplay Molding Paste is distinguished by its innovative formula, creating a pliable hold with a natural shine. It is suitable for standard hair types and is free from silicone.

The paste has a natural scent and comes in a 100-milliliter volume. As with all products under the Professional Beauty range, it is essential to read labels and instructions before use, as the content on the site is for reference purposes only and not a substitute for advice from a licensed healthcare professional.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy this product’s fast, free delivery, exclusive deals, and award-winning movies & TV shows. The product is available for purchase in Milwaukee 53225, with a distance of 1.22 miles indicated, presumably from the nearest distribution center.

As of July 18th, 2023, no additional purchase options or add-ons have been specified for this product.

CHI Molding Clay Texture Hair Paste, 2.6 Oz

The CHI Molding Clay Texture Hair Paste is a high-quality hair styling product that offers a variety of benefits. This advanced molding paste is designed for molding, casting, shaping, and styling hair, providing incredible volume and texture to all styles. One of its standout features is its ability to deliver a dramatic shine-free finish, which can add a unique touch to your look.

This product is manufactured by Farouk Systems, a Houston-based company known for its CHI haircare and tools. The product comes in a 2.6-ounce package with dimensions of 3.15 x 2.36 x 9.84 inches. The manufacturer does not discontinue it and carries the model number CHI0715A.

In popularity, it ranks #64,313 in Beauty & Personal Care and #1,230 in Hair Styling Gels on Amazon. However, the ingredients of this product are not specified, and it’s recommended to keep it in cool, dry places.

While the manufacturer ensures accurate product information, they advise customers to always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. They also recommend contacting them for additional information about the product. It’s important to note that the information provided is for reference purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the product’s claims.